ans mertens
experimental filmmaker and visual artist
living in Antwerp, Belgium

in collaboration with Maika Garnica
16mm B&W Film (digitized), stereo sound, 10', 2021

How can we imagine the resonance of a life that soon becomes a shadow and resounds as a slight vibration in its environment? This was the central question that Maika Garnica and Ans Mertens dealt with during their visits to a residential care center in Edegem, Antwerp. Together they developed interlude as a play of sound and light, resounds and shadows. The texture of the instruments and film grain evokes a feeling of tactility, while the sounds and shadows take us on a journey along with our intimate thoughts and remembrances.

Sound in collaboration with Adriaan Severins
Commissioned by Museum E! - an initiative by Residential Care Center Immaculata Edegem, M HKA & HART Magazine